Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Le Moine et le Poisson", Michel Dudok de Whit (1994)

I've included "The Monk and the Fish" this week mainly for it's finely crafted composition - in editing, animation timing and layout. Even if you're not interested in the film's allegorical dimensions, it's simply a joy to watch.

"The Monk and the Fish" was produced at Folimage Studios in France. The studio runs an annual artist in residence programme to allow the creation of such one-off, non-commercial projects. De Whit collaborated with composer Serge Besset to create the score, based on a piece by early baroque composer Corelli. The film was made using traditional hand-painted cels and watercolour backgrounds, was nominated for an Oscar at the 67th Academy Awards, and won the Best Short Animation at the 48th BAFTA Awards.